Update: Marriage with a dead girlfriend

Beginning of 2012 we already covered this sad and weird story about Chadil Yinguen from Thailand, who married his girlfriend after she passed away in a tragic car accident. The marriage took place at the same time as the funeral. This tragic story made headlines throughout the world.

We wondered how Chadil Yinguen is doing today. How does he deal with his loss? What are his future plans?

And indeed, many things have happened. This young creative man has founded a band, where he is able to process his grief and love for his deceased girlfriend. He wouldn’t have started to make his own music, if this didn’t happen, he says. The grief laid off a lot of creative energy. Very often he posts poems and photos on his facebook page, which has more than 50,000 followers.

Chadil’s next plan is to move to San Francisco to learn English and then study film. Since Anne’s death, there’s no reason to stay in Thailand. We met Chadil on his last day in Bangkok.


Chadil schliesst sein Haus in Bangkok ab, wo er jahrelang mit seiner grossen Liebe Ann wohnte

Chadil locks his house in Bangkok, where he used to live with his long-term girlfriend.

Chadil kehrt seiner Heimat den Rücken, um in San Francisco sein Glück zu suchen

Chadil leaves Bangkok to try his luck in San Francisco

Chadil mit seiner Band „Cash or Check“ und Kameramann Francisco

Chadil with his band „Cash or Check“ and cameramann Francisco