The biggest waste dump in Indonesia

Approximately 5.000 people – men, women and children – work 24/7 night and day on the biggest waste dump in Indonesia. All these workers resemble little ants in front of the huge “mountain“ of waste. The diggers never stand still, every day around 600 trucks arrive to deliver others people’s waste – waste that serves as livelihood of people here. 6,000 tons of waste: plastic, paper, wood, metal, electronic waste and rotten food.

Unglaublich: In diesen Bergen von Müll arbeiten täglich tausende von Menschen

Unbelievable: thousands of people work in the waste dump

Cariman mit seiner Frau Rosini und dem 5 Monate alten Baby Jayadi

Cariman with his wife Rosini and their 5-month-old baby Jayadi

Unerträglicher Gestank und Dreck: Dreharbeiten im Müllberg

Unbearable smell and dirt: Our cameraman Francisco loves his job anyways