Torso girl

When Nong Neoy was born four years ago, the parents were more than worried. Their babygirl was born without arms and legs; with one crippled arm, to be precise. What seems like a tragedy, developed into a positive story though. Now Nong Neoy is famous throughout Thailand as “the torso girl”.


Die kleine Noey wurde nur mit einem Armstumpf geboren.

Nong Noey was born with one crippled arm.

Despite her destiny Nong Noey is a happy and strong girl with a good common sense. Of course the family has to face a lot of problems and obstacles, but they always keep moving – with a smile in their face. Nong Noey is a frequent guest in Thai TV, which bestowed her over 35.000 followers on Facebook.


Nong Noey spielt mit ihrere Mutter Nahm mit Barbiepuppen.

Nong Noey and her mother Nahm are playing with Barbies.