The dirty business of ship wrecking in Bangladesh

Chittagong in Bangladesch is one of the biggest scrapyards. Ships from all over the world are broken down into pieces, amongst them are ships that were once built in Germany. Hundreds of people are working and welding barefoot without any protective clothing inside the gigantic ocean liners. It is called “beaching”, when the huge ships go ashore fullspeed.

The people work barefoot and without protective clothing.

The people work barefoot and without protective clothing.

Accidents and even deaths occur often, but there is no official record. The scraping companies try to hide these accidents. There is no effective labour law or protection in Bangladesh and no environmental specifications. Contaminated slush seeps into groundwater.

Jeder Tag beim "Shipbreaking" bedeutet ein Risiko für die Arbeiter, denn jedes Jahr verunglücken Dutzende.

Everyday these workers have to take a risk, many die at the scrapyard.

Endstation Bangladesch: Trümmer und Wrackteile wohin das Auge reicht.

Final station Bangladesh: debris and wreckage as far as the eye can reach.

You can watch the full report at ZDF media center here.

This film was initiated by Kelvinfilm.