Swiss zoo-family visits Bangkok

Fedi, a zoo director, his ex-wife Gabi and her new husband Rainer are together on a mission in Bangkok. All three of them work at ”Walter Zoo“ in Sankt Gallen in the east of Switzerland. They plan to deepen their relations with Thai ”Dusit Zoo” in Bangkok. Besides Gabi is looking for new exotic fabrics for her circus show. Thai friend Ning will accompany them and help them with translations and other obstacles they might face in Thailand. In the morning they go visit ”Dusit Zoo” in the center of Bangkok to meet zoo director Kanchai Sanwong.

Fedi (2.v.l.), Ning, Gabi und Rainer treffen Herr Kanchai Sanwong, Zoodirektor des Dusit-Zoos in Bangkok

Fedi (2.f.l.), Ning, Gabi and Rainer meet Mr. Kanchai Sanwong (l.), zoo director of ”Dusit zoo” in Bangkok

At the animal show they gonna see hornbill, snakes and racoons. The show master picks Gabi to put a snake around her shoulders, which of course is very easy for her.

Gabi wird vom Showmaster auf die Bühne gebeten, um eine Schlange auf den Arm zu nehmen

Gabi on stage with a snake

Dieser Nashornvogel ist Teil der Tier-Show

A hornbill is part of the show.

Last station is „Pahurat“ – the Indian market in Bangkok. Gabi is choosing fabrics to tailor new clothes for her employees and for her show at the circus.

Qual der Wahl: Gabi sucht neue Stoffe für den Zirkus aus

Spoilt for choice: Gabi chooses new fabrics for the circus