Solar-Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a favored dish in Germany as much as it is in Thailand. Sure, there are different ingredients and sauces used, but grilled is grilled. But the question is “how?”

In Petchaburi, Thailand there is a very original, not to mention environmentally friendly approach to prepare the chicken.

Sila Sutharat muss ausreichend Schutzkleidung tragen, um sich vor der Verbrennungen zu schützen

Sila Sutharat has to wear appropriate clothing to protect himself from being burned.

Sila Sutharat, a simple worker, had an amazing idea to make use of solar energy to grill his chicken. Over 10 years ago he began to build his solar workstation. He tested and experimented for a long time until it became his workstation that it is today.

An immense concave frame of 960 mirrors hangs on a series of links. They trap and guide the sunlight to shine onto the grill, which hangs vertically in front of a black smoked metal wall.


Die Solaranlage besteht aus 960 Spiegeln

The workstation consists of 960 mirrors.

On sunny days he can grill over 50 chickens per day. During the day he must continuously adjust the mirror wall with the help of wheels and chains, in order to follow the position of the sun.