Side effect: extinction

Tiger bones to treat rheumatism, Rhino extract to treat fever and dried seahorses to boost your potency – the list of Chinese miracle cures is long. In Asia people deeply believe in the power of healing through animal products. The consequences are disastrous, although the trade of rare animals is forbidden. Rhinos, for instance are already extinct in Asia. “planet e” followed traces of poachers, traders, miracle healers and doctors throughout Asia.


Von Seepferdchen über Ginseng bis zum Schildkrötenpanzer: In den Apotheken in Chinatown, Bangkok gibt es fast alles, was das chinesische Herz begehrt.

Seahorses, ginseng, turtle shells: In Chinatown’s pharmacies in Bangkok you can almost find everything.

Tigerknochen gegen Rheuma?

Tiger bones to treat rheumatism?

Getrocknete Tausendfüßler

Dried centipede

Darf's noch etwas Schlange sein?

Fancy some snake?

Und ein paar Gramm Käfer?

Some ounces of beetles?