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„I will probably never fully understand Asia. But maybe it’s for the best because it means always having to be on your toes, never closing your eyes even for a moment. For over 15 years now I have been producing for television. During this time I have covered an array of shows including travel documentaries like “Voxtours” as well as classic news coverage like the tsunami report, just to name a couple. Successfully accomplishing the realization of productions in a foreign culture is often a challenge, especially when it is larger formats you are dealing with like reality shows, for example. But that exactly is what it’s all about for me: sharing with others my own fascination for the ‘foreign and unknown’.”

Alexander Grawe is a graduate of the Television Academy in Munich and recipient of the Heinz Kühn Foundation scholarship. For nine years he worked as a full-time author/reporter for RTL Television in Cologne, Germany, where he collected a vast amount of invaluable experience filming abroad in numerous countries including Brazil, South Africa, Tanzania and Greenland. For Asia, in particular, he is an expert as he has travelled throughout the region as a journalist for over 10 years.
Alexander Grawe works as a TV producer out of Bangkok/Thailand where he resides since 2004.


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„I am most happy when I see my news reports make a difference – when I am successful at getting others to see things from my perspective to the point where they feel changed! Bringing viewers and readers to laugh or cry, to swear or crack a smile – that’s the biggest payoff.”

After finishing her studies and completing a post-graduate fellowship at RTL, Christina Grawe went on to work for seven years as a full-time reporter for “Exclusiv – Das Starmagazin”. Coinciding with the move to Bangkok came the tsunami, bringing with it, quite literally, a radical job change. As correspondent for the German aid organization, Caritas International, she began reporting in January 2006 for over a year on location from the destroyed region of Aceh.
Christina Grawe feels as home today as a journalist in the slums of India as at a celebrity party in Shanghai. Christina Grawe works as a reporter for RTL and N-TV. As an editor and producer she realizes expat docu-soaps and travel formats for VOX. For Caritas International she reports on location from disaster areas across Asia.


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“You must always have something that will make you happy” – Eduard Mörike

“Whether at work or at home, I try to live my life precisely based on this philosophy. And at the moment, what is making me excpetionally happy, is the fortunate opportunity to live and work in Thailand. Like many other Germans, I have known Thailand only as a famous tourist destination. But to live and work here at the same time is absolutely an adventure. And as we know, adventures make life remarkably exciting.”

After Kathrin’s graduation with a degree in English Language and Literature and Mass Communication from the University of Düsseldorf, she immediately began her career in the television business. After working her first year in talk show productions, she moved up to be a part of RTL’s Regional Program production team, and finally up to the RTL Explosiv production team. Since 2005 Kathrin has worked as a freelance television producer/director and has produced and created numerous television programs for almost all television broadcasters in Germany.
Kathrin enjoys great variety in her work, including having filmed Germany’s favorite celebrities cooking dinner, to farmers looking for their true love. Furthermore, Kathrin has adopted an adorable fondness of house pets and animals, as she has produced many shows for a well-known animal program which focuses on veterenarians and all kinds of different animals. In her 14 years of professional working experience she can clearly say one thing: “I have seen everything!”




“Since I was a child my dream was to work in the TV business. Actually I wanted to become an actress or model. Instead of being in front of the camera, I solve all the big and small problems, that arise while behind the camera instead. That makes me happy.”

You’ll probably hear Phakkinee from afar laughing or chatting – either in Thai, German or English. She has a warm, open-minded and straightforward character, which might be connected to her German upbringing by her father. As a child she lived in Germany for two years and after moving back to Thailand, she visited Swiss School in Bangkok, where she improved her German even further. Then she moved to Singapore for four years, where she graduated as export-import merchant in wholesale and foreign trade.
Phakky knows how to bring people to her side, and if necessary to be very direct. We benefit from her wide network of friends and acquaintances, that she has established over the years. Whatever we look for, Phakky always knows somebody, who knows somebody, who …


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“Being born in a Thai-German family I have always had the feeling I grew up in the middle of two completely different worlds. At an early age I have learned to tolerate and understand different cultures and ways of thinking. Now, working as a journalist, I have the opportunity to attempt to pass on this tolerance, understanding and respecting other peoples’ different points of views. I have a chance to explain to Germans the Thai-way and vise-versa.”

Sebastian Muench was born in Thailand to a Thai mother and German father. He grew up and attended primary school in Germany, furthered his study in high school in the USA, and acquired his bachelor’s degree in Thailand from Khon Kaen University. Sebastian places high importance on preserving the environment (a very German-like characteristic, he says), and to be a small part of creating international understanding is his ultimate goal as a television journalist.