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Mediawok is a full-service media production company located in the heart of Bangkok. We are one of the leading media service providers for television, radio, print and PR in Southeast Asia. Concept, research, production, camera team and post production – all with one stone. Take advantage of our long-standing experience in Asia for your next project. Entire productions as well as individual services, all in the European quality you are accustomed to, can be realized creatively, flexibly and in top quality while being reasonably priced.

Our latest projects

Karipap is not made from paper

Karipap doesn’t have anything to do with paper, even though some think its flaky coating reminds them of it.

Islands of Thailand

Beginning of 2012 our producer Sebastian was on tour with Swiss team of „SF Unterwegs“ in the south of Thailand. They visited many dream destinations such as Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Phuket and Krabi, which are all located in the Andaman Sea. First stop was at Similan Islands, the diver’s paradise of Thailand. The TV mehr

New-Zealand: Possum-Pie and Pipi-Soup

We looked not only into the culinary specialties of New-Zealand. Our team was cuddling black ships, took a relaxing bath in hot springs, read the longest place name in the world and visited some hippies who reside in very strange truck houses.

I’m a star – get me out of here!

In 2012 again eleven media personalities dared to enter the Australian rain forest to eat insects and to pass disgusting tasks! As every year, Sonja Zietlow and Dirk Bach were hosting the show with a lot of enthusiasm and jokes! Our director Kathrin Rubow joined the production as a „Field Producer“. „It was great fun mehr

City of the apes

There are monkeys sitting on power poles, sidewalks or on parked motorcycles. Monkeys, which slurp liquid out of plastic bottles, playing with leftovers of broken sun glasses and some love to steal some cookies from distracted tourists. The monkeys are everywhere in Lopburi. A crowd of hairy monkeys is crossing the main road opposite the mehr

Cartoon helps Thais to deal with the flood

It might be the flood of the century in Thailand. Politicians are unable to cope, media publishes insufficient information and nobody really knows how to deal with all this water.

Email, skype, phone – longing for the lover

Almost everybody already had a long-distance-relationship, but only few last. Amanda from Macao and her boyfriend Felix from Cologne write about 20 SMS per day, skype at least once a day and the phone bill rises to 80 Euro per month.

Bangkok flood

More and more inhabitants of Thai metropolis Bangkok are fleeing the worsening floods.

Crime scene Thailand

For only about 13 Euro children become sexual abuse victims. Pervert and often pedophile sex-tourists have access to children and teenagers in Pattaya, like eleven-year-Lek.

News special on the Bangkok flood

Mediawok-team is covering the flood in Bangkok and met prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra and people, that still live in the flooded areas.

Inundation in Bangkok

The flood is moving towards Bangkok, some districts are already under water. Until now there are about 2.000 houses affected.

Booby queen through bashing

Have you ever heard about how you can add up a bit more to your boobs by bashing them? Who wants to have bigger or smaller boobs or a slimmer face, doesn’t have to be operated, you can just get bashed up.

The cook with iron hands

Khan Trichan fries chicken in his cookshop in Northern Thailand. Nothing special, but consider this: He doesn’t use neither dipper, nor scoop to turn the chicken in the boiling oil.

How to cross a street in Vietnam

For a subjective perspective cameraman Francisco has thrown himself into the middle of the rush-hour in Ho Chi Minh City.