TV & Film Productions in European Quality

Mediawok is a full-service media production company located in the heart of Bangkok. We are one of the leading media service providers for television, radio, print and PR in Southeast Asia. Concept, research, production, camera team and post production – all with one stone. Take advantage of our long-standing experience in Asia for your next project. Entire productions as well as individual services, all in the European quality you are accustomed to, can be realized creatively, flexibly and in top quality while being reasonably priced.

Our latest projects

The bachelor (Switzerland)

He is the hottest single in Switzerland: The new Bachelor Vujo Gavric is a sonnyboy – blond, blue-eyed and a sportsman. In autumn the charismatic single will start to look for the perfect woman by his side. During eight episodes he will choose ”the one“ out of 20 candidates.

Who would marry my son?

Mama Mia – who would marry my son? – this is the name of the new dating show of RTL Germany. Four male singles will check out ten female candidates with the help of their mothers. Mediawok has organised the production in Thailand: location scouting, film permits and pre-production. Many of  camera teams, crane and mehr

Small budget, big outcome

Aspiring camermann Anuscha Engchuan and cutter Nico Kunze created the following viral spot for with a very small budget – anyways the outcome is amazing. It was shot with a Canon 5D M3 und 550 D. It was edited using Final Cut X.

Three commercials for „Sound of knowledge“

We created three commercials for our Austrian client They organise seminars and workshops, so they came up with the main idea for the storybord and screenplay to ask: What would people possibly do, in order to get an invitation for our events?“

Update: Marriage with a dead girlfriend

Beginning of 2012 we already covered this sad and weird story about Chadil Yinguen from Thailand, who married his girlfriend after she passed away in a tragic car accident. We wondered how Chadil Yinguen is doing today. How does he deal with his loss? What are his future plans?

Big special: 100. episode of ”Farmer wants a wife”

Sonne, Strand und ganz viel Liebe in der Luft – welcher Landwirt träumt nicht von einer romantischen Auszeit mit seiner Liebsten? Zur 100. Folge von ‘Bauer sucht Frau’ wird für Martin und Jenny ein Traum wahr: Das Traumpaar fliegt nach Thailand!

The Bachelor (Switzerland)

He is the hottest single in Swiss TV: Lorenzo Leutenegger is the bachelor. He has lots of roses to offer and his heart. This autumn the charming prince will look for his perfect match. Covering seven episodes he will pick the one out of 21 candidates.

Side effect: extinction

Tiger bones to treat rheumatism, Rhino extract to treat fever and dried seahorses to boost your potency – the list of Chinese miracle cures is long. In Asia people deeply believe in the power of healing through animal products. The consequences are disastrous, although the trade of rare animals is forbidden.

Solar-Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a favored dish in Germany as much as it is in Thailand. Sure, there are different ingredients and sauces used, but grilled is grilled. But the question is “how?”

Swiss zoo-family visits Bangkok

Fedi, a zoo director, his ex-wife Gabi and her new husband Rainer are together on a mission in Bangkok. All three of them work at ”Walter Zoo“ in Sankt Gallen in the east of Switzerland. They plan to deepen their relations with Thai ”Dusit Zoo” in Bangkok. Besides Gabi is looking for new exotic fabrics mehr

Black magic of golden fetuses

In May 2012 police found six grilled and gilded embryos, that a Brit of Taiwanese origin kept in his hotel room in Chinatown in Bangkok. 28-year-old Chow Hok Kuen explained, he intended to sell the fetuses to Taiwanese business men as a talisman. For Westerners this might sound like a plot from a horror movie, mehr


Phi Phi Island, a paradise destination of hundreds of young backpackers every year, is a place of relaxation and a party-like hell spot at the same time. The place to be is the reggae bar, where tourists can bang each other like real boxers in a ring.

The Woman With The Largest Hands In The World

Duangjai Samuksamarn is the woman with the largest hands in the world. She is 59 years old and lives in a small village near Surin Province in the Northeast of Thailand. Both of her arms together weigh around 35 kilograms.