Midwife police in Bangkok

Imagine you live in Bangkok, being pregnant and right during rush hour your contractions start: Car chaos, endless traffic jam, no one evades, not even for an ambulance. Every day traffic scenes in Bangkok – but for me, as a pregnant woman, just a nightmare imagination which might come true just weeks from now.

Coincidentally I recently – especially sensitive for this topic at the moment – heard about Bangkok’s midwife police.

Indeed Bangkokians are aware of this problem, approximately one to two babies are born each month stuck in Bangkok’s traffic jams. In cabs or next to the street. Other cities would probably try to find a solution by finding ways to reduce traffic jams, but Bangkok obviously resigned. The king himself initiated a project 14 years ago, the so called “Midwife Police”. Motorbike policemen with a special training for obstetrics wriggle through the traffic to assist emergency births. But there are only two specialists so far. Not enough, was decided lately and now 94 more policemen receive training to become midwife police men at Bangkok Hospital. I just had to take a look at it in person.


Polizeifortbildung Hebamme

Special police training: Midwife

In front of the building almost 100 police vehicles are parking. In the 7th floor, in the conference room, a majority of Bangkok’s traffic police are present to receive the special training. First aid, with a major of obstetrics, it says on the schedule for today written on the black board. 94 men totally equipped with their brown uniforms have a first look at the buffet, then they smile embarrassed in the face of the pregnant reporter.

Thai press is only present for a short time, when initially Police General Sichuan Pojphosri has the honor to show up in person at the training of his staff. This shows the importance of the request, someone whispered in my ear.

Suddenly, before I started asking questions myself, he and a microphone was moved in front of me and he started speaking. Speaking english and in endless length he starts reporting about Thai police. When I finally was able to say something I just asked him: “Seriously, Khan Sichuan, the only thing I would like to know today: if I am stuck in a traffic jam next week and my contracts start, will your men be able to serve proper help or not?”

He has to burst out laughing about such a bold and direct question. He assures, that his policemen would certainly be able to help pregnant foreigners too, and he is shaking both of my hands enthusiastically. Then I have to pose for photos for about 10 minutes with the police General and other policemen. Watch here  what police has learned in the 1-day-seminar.


Geburt in einem Bangkoker Taxi

Giving birth in a Taxi in Bangkok