Love between Germany and Thailand

They are bonded by love, but Bernhard und and his girlfriend Pui live seperately since two years already. They have been living in Sukothai together, where Bernhard had a business with speakers. A severe storm has destroyed everything and on top he fell ill and had to return to Germany. On that very day their son Brian was born. Only once Bernhard held his son in his arms, then never again until today. Pui and Bernhard talk on Skype twice a day since two years. It is Puis biggest wish to move to Germany to be reunited with her love Bernhard.


Das Mediawok-Kamerateam bei Puy zu Hause in Sukhothai

Mediawok-Camerateam at Puys house in Sukhothai

Puy mit dem gemeinsamen Sohn Brian und ihrer Tochter Palm

Pui with Brian and her daughter Palm

Jeden Tag skypt Puy zwei Mal mit ihrem Liebsten Bernhard in Deutschland

Twice a day Pui skypes with Bernhard in Germany