Ladyboys – Thailand’s third sex

Bell ist eigentlich ein Mann

Bell is actually a man

Sensual, full lips, sexy curves and long legs. Those are Thailand’s most beautiful … men! Men, who want to be woman and who would do everything for that. Thais call them “Ladyboys“, no matter if they already have had their sex changed or if they only dress as a woman. They are an integral part of society – not only of the nightlife.

World-class plastic surgery

There are so many transsexuals in Thailand, which made plastic surgeons have a top reputation world-wide. At the age of 12 ”Golf“ started to take hormones, which gives him a female appearance now, at the age of 21. He wants have his sex changed while his term-break at university. The operation will take place in Bangkok.

It is said that uncountable male tourists have fallen in love while striving through Thailand’s exotic nightlife, without realizing, that the Asian beauty was born as a man.

Other people are looking for this special feature and are fascinated by the mixture of sexes within one person. Since ten years German man Joerg Szwalkiewicz, a former chief-inspector, lives in Thailand. He loves ladyboys and doesn’t try to hide this fact. He doesn’t mind either, that his girlfriend Linda has a penis and works as a prostitute.

Kwang will Miss Tiffany werden

Kwang wants to be Miss Tiffany

Socially accepted

Tanya has a completely different life. She works as an executive for a Japanese luxury cosmetic fabricant. In one of those many luxury hotels Tanya organizes a fashion show for Bangkok’s High Society. 30-year-old career girl Tanya is the living proof, that transsexuals can earn a living away from the red-light-district.

Khwang has decided to be a star and strongly believes that she is the most beautiful transsexual. She even hired a coach in order to participate at ”Miss Tiffany Universe Beauty Contest“.

Just next door Khwangs competitor gets her styling. Bell has breast implants and no testicles anymore, but unlike Khwang she still has a penis.

The night of the night: “Miss Tiffany Universe Contest“ is open! Backstage the transsexual participants try to put all their female features into their best shapes. “Miss Tiffany Universe Contest“ is a socially important event: Hundreds of journalists follow every move of the girls. The show is being broadcasted live in Thai TV and the next day the winner’s face will be smiling from dozens of covers of the daily press.

Mediawok-Kameramann Francisco Lopez

Mediawok-Cameraman Francisco Lopez at „Miss Tiffany Contest“