Hunting for treasures in the Chao Praya river

Divers are searching the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok for antiquarian treasures using self-made diving equipment.
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Chao Phraya river winds it way trough the historic quarters of Bangkok with its golden temples and palaces. The waterway is the hunting ground of a group of divers, that brave the current using a self-made diving bell.

Somchai taucht vor stimmungsvoller Kulisse nach Schätzen in Bangkoks Chao Praya Fluss

Just opposite of shiny office buildings and luxury hotels, the divers live a very simple life in a rural oasis. They are located on the peninsula of Pra Pradaeng, the place where the river draws a huge loop. Hundreds of years ago kings, European tradings companies and Asian migrants settled down at the  banks, so the river provides a lot of treasures until today.

By the end of the monsoon, in october the divers start to work again and look for valuable items on the river ground. On of them is Somchai Panthong, he is 50 years old and makes a living of diving and searching for treasures. Sometimes he only finds old metal, which he can sell for a few baht, but sometimes, when he is lucky he finds real antiques, which sell for a high price.

The job can be dangerous, as the currents in the river are sometimes unpredictable and big ships might easily lose sight of the tiny longtail boat, that they use. The diving bell is connected only by a thin plastic tube, which can easily break or get lost.

Somchai needs to be lucky again for the new season to start, since the money he put aside is almost gone. What will the brave divers find?