How a ghost can help you avoid military service …

We accompanied two students on their way to Mae Nak shrine in Bangkok. Game’s biggest wish is not having to do military service. He doesn’t want to rely on being lucky, so he decided to visit Mae Nak shrine in On Nut district in Bangkok. The shrine is inhabited by a ghost called Mae Nak, whose favor can be won by making a merit. You can offer her flowers, children’s toys, children’s clothes, traditional woman’s clothes and even cosmetics. You wonder, what this is all about? See by yourself, tomorrow on “Galileo”.

Mae Nak Shrine is worth a visit, if you are interested: The temple is located at the end of soi 7 of On Nut Road (Sukhumvit 77) Bangkok.

BTS Station: On Nut


Täglich kommen viele Menschen, um Mae Nak Opfergaben zu bringen und hoffen, dass ihre Wünsche erhört werden

Mae Nak has many visitors every day who come to make a merit.

Game und Oh bei den Dreharbeiten mit dem Mediawok-Team

Game and Oh while shooting with Mediawok-team

Der Schrein, Teil des Maha But Tempels, ist idyllisch an einem Kanal gelegen

The shrine, which is part of Maha But temple, is located next to a canal.

Mae Nak – kann sie wirklich Wünsche erfüllen?

Mae Nak – does she have the power to fulfill your wishes?