“Why am I working in Thailand? Honestly, who wouldn’t rather film on a tropical sandy dream beach than on the German Autobahn?? But really, even if I am doing the exact same job here as I was doing in Europe, I still find Asia a lot more interesting and intriguing after being here one whole year. The filming locations are more beautiful, the colors are brighter, and the stories are more dynamic, and therefore, much more exciting.”

Francisco Lopez works as cameraman at Mediawok. Although he is from Spain, he can communicate fluently in both German and English. He would even like to further his language expertise by learning to speak and write in Thai.
After acquiring his mass communication degree from Malaga and Cologne, Fran worked in the film and advertisement production field for three years. In the four years that he lived in Germany, he worked as cameraassistant and later advanced to cameraman. Fran lives in Bangkok, and has worked as cameraman for Mediawok since 2008. He has filmed documentaries, travel and people- specified coumentaries, reality shows, and news.



Khan“I myself am a sound technician, but I am interested in the art of filming. I am always fascinated by what the editor creates out of the footage that we shoot.”

Khan had the opportunity to work in the television industry right after graduating from secondary school. Through his bilingual background he was able to offer his translation skills to Mediawok for some occasional jobs before he became a full-time employee of the company after graduating from university. He has acquired the position of a sound technician and has been providing his expertise in the field since 2013.
Khan has lived and grown up in Berlin, Bangkok, Beijing and Stuttgart, and has been permanently living in Thailand since 1999. He went to a German school in Bangkok and masters fluency in German, English and Thai. The passionate bike rider came to his job interview casually wearing spandex shorts, as he travelled to the to the office with his mountain bike despite the smog and traffic in the big city of Bangkok.




“Getting to film everything from reality tv shows, to regional news, to adventurous documentaries about Southeast Asia, my job presents me with various aspects of the tv industry. In addition, the perks of living in Thailand include its delicious food, tropical weather, and the short distance to paradise beaches.”
After joining Mediawok for a few months as an intern in 2012, it was very clear to Anuscha that he would come back to Thailand, and not only for a short holiday, but to work here permanently. Since 2014 he has been part of our team working in the technical department. Like some others at Mediawok, Anuscha is of Thai German origin. He studied audio visual media in university in Stuttgart and specialized in audio and postproduction. In his spare time he likes to produce music and has a big record collection with all kinds of music styles.