Three commercials for „Sound of knowledge“

We created three commercials for our Austrian client They organise seminars and workshops, so they came up with the main idea for the storybord and screenplay to ask: What would people possibly do, in order to get an invitation for our events?“

Rauchschwaden, Pokerface, Schweisstropfen: Das sind die Zutaten für einen gelungenen Werbespot

Wads of smoke, a pokerface and sweat: These are the ingredients for a successful commercial

Hoch oben auf der Leiter findet Kameramann Francisco die beste Perspektive

Cameraman Francisco finds the best perspective high up on the ladder.

The Pokerface: Lutz wartet auf seinen Einsatz

The Pokerface: Lutz is waiting for his turn

Francisco filmt Zigarettenrauch in Nahaufnahme

Francisco is filming details of smoke as a close-up

Nico und Anuscha konzentriert bei der Arbeit

Nico and Anuscha are concentrated at work