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Mediawok is a full-service media production company located in the heart of Bangkok. We are one of the leading media service providers for television, radio, print and PR in Southeast Asia. Concept, research, production, camera team and post production – all with one stone. Take advantage of our long-standing experience in Asia for your next project. Entire productions as well as individual services, all in the European quality you are accustomed to, can be realized creatively, flexibly and in top quality while being reasonably priced.

Our latest projects

Trash Heroes

Thailand’s white-sand beaches have to deal with an increasing number of trash that is set ashore every day. The impact of a failed waste management system also starts to become visible to tourists. According to a study recently published by Science Magazine, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam produce more than half of plastic waste, that ends up in the ocean.

Job swap in India

Locomotive driver Daniel Walti and Mike Birchler from Samedan, Grisons in Switzerland travel to India and swap their jobs with Dilip Sinchury and Ashok Bhattacharjee. Modern train engineering from the Alps versus historic steam locomotive in hilly landscape of Darjeeling.

Climate refugees

The UN estimates that there will be about 350 million climate refugees in the world. People are loosing their livelihood due to climate change and other environmental influences. NGOs estimate the number of climate refugees is currently at 25 million. Much more people flee nature disasters, desertification and karst formation than political conflicts.

Beauty knows no pain

After almost four years, our reporter Kathrin dares to visit Khun Khemika again in order to not only get her breasts tapped, but also her butt. Following, Kathrin will go to have her face “threaded” in the middle of the street in Chinatown in Bangkok. One thing is for sure: beauty knows no pain.

The Bachelorette dreamdates in Thailand

Next Wednesday, 19. August bachelorette Alisa will take her three admirers to Thailand. We are keen to see if finally one of the finalists dares to kiss the beauty.

Bangkoks snake hunter

Insects, rats, crawlers – there are a lot of varieties of pest which like human company. In Thailand you have a chance to encounter some scary creatures.

Pop Idol Germany shot the recall in Thailand

The German version of “Pop Idol” called “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) shot the recall in Thailand. Within six episodes the show travels to adventurous, luxurious and even spiritual locations as for example temple ruins, paradise beaches and pool terraces with extraordinary views.

Mother chained her child

A Cambodian mother has chained her child for hours, while she went out for work. The four-year-old girl was freed after worried neighbors have called the police. The mother said, she was worried her daughter would walk out of the house. The girl was brought to a children’s home, while the mother only got a mehr

Love between Germany and Thailand

They are bonded by love, but Bernhard und and his girlfriend Pui live seperately since two years already. They have been living in Sukothai together, where Bernhard had a business with speakers. A severe storm has destroyed everything and on top he fell ill and had to return to Germany. On that very day their mehr

Torso girl

When Nong Neoy was born four years ago, the parents were more than worried. Their babygirl was born without arms and legs; with one crippled arm, to be precise. What seems like a tragedy, developed into a positive story though.

Hunting for treasures in the Chao Praya river

Divers are searching the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok for antiquarian treasures using self-made diving equipment. The Chao Phraya river winds it way trough the historic quarters of Bangkok with its golden temples and palaces. The waterway is the hunting ground of a group of divers, that brave the current using a self-made diving bell.

Working in a disaster zone

They have no bed, no electricity and they are far away from home – see, how professional helpers from Germany live in a disaster zone and which risks they have to take to save lives.

The old girl from Chiang Mai

Chanagaln ‘Jenny’ Lung-Or is five years old and lives with her family in Chiang Mai. Like everyother girl, she like to play with her friends and goes to school every day. But Jenny looks terrifyingly different than her classmates. She suffers from Progeria Syndrome, a disease, that lets your skin age very quickly. Even though mehr